Green Roofs in Des Moines, IA

Loyal Exteriors, LLC creates green roof systems that are uniquely tailored to the particular requirements of clients and their properties in Des Moines, IA. We are an experienced green roof company that seeks to combine the many benefits of energy efficient roofing with licensed and exception green roof construction that offers a wide range of green roof options.

Green Roof Consultation

Loyal Exteriors, LLC green roofing specialist take the time to thoroughly discuss the requirements and vision of each client and meet those needs through careful evaluation and logistics planning that takes into account both structural and esthetic considerations within a specific budget. We are a committed to team of green roof specialist that strive to offer home and business owners certified roofing craftsmanship that includes our shared objective of preserving the environment while adding to the biodiversity in Des Moines, IA with our exceptional eco roof designs.

Green Roof Installation

Whether you are looking to transform your existing roof system into an urban rooftop oasis, or wish to include a green roof construction for a completely new build, our licensed roofing team installs a single or multi ply waterproof membrane adjusted to your roof deck along with superior insulation applications that are sealed with a layer of concrete to form the firm foundation for your rooftop landscape. Benefit from improved energy efficiency and structural protection with green roof drainage and irrigation options tailored by Loyal Exteriors, LLC green roof technicians who manage your entire project from start to finish according to strict industry standards.

Can a Green Roof Improve my Quality of Life?

The demand for alternative green spaces that provide a range of environmental, health and esthetic benefits has steadily increased the demand for quality green roofing systems in urban areas of Des Moines, IA. From the notable effect that a green roofing system has in lessening the impact of heat island effect by significantly lowering temperatures in densely populated and overheated urban areas; to improved air quality, storm water runoff and the stress relieving potential provided by easily accessed lush green space at home or at work; modern green roofing systems offer limitless potential for increased comfort and economical and energy efficiency.

Loyal Exteriors, LLC offers green roof systems that include:

Extensive Green Roofs – Low-maintenance with the objective of offering maximum ecological benefits, extensive green sedum roof systems are not necessarily created to house a basic roof garden only but can accommodate a range of low maintenance plants. Suitable for flat roof commercial buildings or apartment complexes, Loyal Exteriors, LLC can also install extensive green roofs on low sloped residential roofs in Des Moines, IA.

Intensive Green Roof Systems – A full rooftop garden that require regular maintenance is designed to support a range of diverse plants and trees and can be customized with railings, specialty lighting and walkways. Consult with Loyal Exteriors, LLC green roof experts for tailored options that reflect your lifestyle or brand image.

Semi-Intensive Green Roof – Designed with a combination of attributes found in both intensive and extensive green roofing options, semi-intensive green roof systems offer the perfect blend of optimal ecological benefits and diverse vegetation possibilities.

From planning, to design and installation, Loyal Exteriors, LLC completes green roofing projects for commercial and industrial clients in Des Moines, IA with committed and caring expertise.