Has Your Hail Damage Roof Insurance Claim Been Denied? Contact Madison’s Best Storm Restoration Company Today

There’s nothing more devastating than having an insurance claim to cover damage your house incurred during a storm denied. After all, you’ve already experienced significant injury to your home. Why add the insult of denying something insurance should cover according to common sense?

Unfortunately, given the climate in Madison, we at Loyal Exteriors, LLC see this scenario far too often. Greedy insurers refuse to foot the bill for roof restoration even though homeowners have taken out a home insurance policy. Their reason? Not enough storm protection through preventative work.

Well, we at Loyal Exteriors, LLC feel like that’s blaming the victim and putting the cart before the horse. That’s why, after a devastating local storm in 2004, we specialized our contracting work to help Madison homeowners put back their lives and roofs after experiencing deadly winds or severe hailstorms.

Wisconsin: Where April Showers Brings May Hailstorms?

Living in Madison has its perks, but few would think to say that about the weather. It’s a treat to experience all four seasons so vividly, but when it comes to damage to your home, you’d be forgiven for envying the greener and warmer pastures in Florida.

The fact of the matter is that severe storms are a part of living in our wonderful state. So when it comes to protecting your shelter from the elements or repairing damage already done, give us a call.

Our Story, Our Expertise: Storm Damage Repair

We started our family business as regular home improvement contractors but realized after a few years that no one in the area was able to help local homeowners with their storm damage repair needs. Even worse, insurers were using loopholes to prevent Wisconsinites to get the necessary roof restoration funds after the fact, leaving many people responsible for paying out of pocket.

Well, from that point on, we redesigned our company from the ground up to focus on providing this necessary service to homeowners in need. While we also handle other home improvement jobs, we’ve become licensed insurance adjusters in the state of Wisconsin to specifically help you with your hail damage roof insurance claim. How many other storm restoration companies can claim the same?

When you work with Loyal Exteriors, LLC, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands. We have over 20 years of experience as a home improvement company, so you know that the storm restoration work will be done right the first time. And with our expertise in navigating the world of insurance, you shouldn’t have to pay a single penny out of pocket.

The best part? All our work is covered by our guaranteed warranty. That means restoring your home has never been safer or more risk-free. After all, when a catastrophic storm hits your home, the last thing you should worry about is how to make ends meet. We take the work out of negotiating proper storm damage repair with your home insurance company, and let you get back to your everyday life sooner.